You're good at your service, but not so good at the "business stuff."

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full-time entrepreneurs
6-figure biz owners
course creators
50k youtube followers
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Get access to high demand coaches, personalized feedback, and concrete strategy.

Building a business is so exciting, but it can feel overwhelming and isolating. It takes a lot of trial and error to become successful and we're guessing that's why you're here. You're tired of guessing at what's going to work and ready to gain clarity from successful entrepreneurs who will get you results and build relationships with other biz owners.

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is this you?

You've been faking it til you make it for a while.

You've binged tons of free content and paid courses.

You're ready to ACTUALLY make money.

You want personalized feedback.

This program is for you.
Peep the details.

This program is not just showing up and listening to someone's actively participating, submitting content for review, and getting real feedback from experienced entrepreneurs.

What's Included:

3 month program with monthly live coaching

Module 1: Find your Niche, Define Your Services, and Pricing

Module 2: Marketing, Sales, and Social Media

Module 3: Client Experience, Processes, and Workflow

Weekly content emails

Services page text for YOUR site

Facebook group Q&A with access to coaches

Pricing and packages for your biz

Sales call scripts and strategy

Social media strategies

Clarity on YOUR ideal client and niche

What You REALLY get

Clarity on your ideal client that will help you create attractive copy to them which will increase your inquiries.

Personalized feedback on YOUR packages and pricing will help you to determine if they are a good match for the ideal client you’ve created during the program.

Knowledge about doing sales calls will significantly help you book clients.

The marketing strategies we will cover will help you get clients ASAP.

here's how it works

I needed an overhaul to really make a impact in my market and industry. Also, Katie is simply wonderful and so patient! She was such a great find!!

I've booked 4 fall weddings since rebranding two weeks ago and they are ALL full planning and super ideal clients!

do you want these results?

Just in the bookings I've had in the last two weeks since rebranding I could have paid for my branding with you. Insane.

I've been getting 1-2 inquires a DAY since launching and before launch I'd get 2 a week.

we thought so...

who d2p is for

Small service-based business owners

Biz owners who want to go full time

Entrepreneurs who want other eyes on their stuff

Biz owners who need help targeting ideal clients

Things aren't going to change unless you make changes.

If you want change then you need to change otherwise you will be stuck in your current position. The sooner you take the first baby step into becoming the new YOU the sooner you'll see RESULTS. 

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The Dream to Profit coaches are actual entrepreneurs that are passionate about helping small businesses live their dream businesses.

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Get some practical tips for writing copy that is attractive to your ideal people.

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